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engineering education and training

Dr. Joie C. Taylor holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clark Atlanta University, an M.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. A National Science Foundation Scholar, Dr. Taylor also has the following certifications: Renewable Energy Professional with the Association of Energy Engineers; Online Educator Training; Teaching Excellence Program, and the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

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Work Experience

Dr. Taylor was an engineering professor at the University of Hawaii, Maui College, and a Program Coordinator for their four-year B.S. of Sustainable Science Management program (SSM). During her time at UHMC, she developed curricula and courses and obtained accreditation for the degree by WASC. As Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee and while serving on several Maui County Community boards, where she assisted students in acquiring internships and employment for students in the Maui industry. Within this appointment, Dr. Taylor managed several grants and research projects with the Rural Development Program and the Office of Naval Research. She was also a key member of the advisory board for the Sustainable Islands of the World organization (ISISA). At River to Tap in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Taylor was a Project Manager for ventures in the areas of Hydraulic Modeling, Water, and Wastewater Treatment. While working in the field, she maintained a private practice as a hypnotherapist and yoga/meditation teacher with her business, BodyMind Wellness, Inc., and performed as a professional musician.

As a young adult, Dr. Taylor interned with the United Water Service, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and the National Weather Service, where she served as a technical specialist for the 2000 Summer Olympics. She also acquired experience in data analysis, graphical design, and weather radio reporting, as well as historical data research, hydrological modeling, publication drafting, editing, and global warming research.


Awards and fellowships

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Grant
  • ZEF Bonn University, Development Research Award
  • State University of New York, Graduate Minority Ph. D. Fellowship
  • Program for Research Integration of the Sciences (PRISM-D) Scholarship

Conference Presentations

  • 1st Annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, 2013.  UHMC Results and Updates of AASHE STARS Pilot. University of West Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • International Small Islands Association (ISISA), 2012.  Globalization: Islands Adapting to Change, Solar energy A Way of Small Island Life, Solar Array Monitoring at UHMC. Tortola, The British Virgin Islands.
  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. 2010.  Sustainability Commitments and Actions at University of Hawaii Maui College. Denver, Colorado.
  • International Small Islands Association (ISISA), 2010. Sustainable Futures:  A case study- Goals, challenges and initiative implementation for sustainability on Maui, Bornholm, Denmark.
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU). 2004. Poster: Fractals in Nature, A Frequency Domain Analysis of Nutrient Transport. San Francisco, CA.
  • AGU. 2004. Spectral Analysis as A Tool to Investigate Phosphorus Transport. Montreal, Canada.
  • Soil Science Society of America. 1999. Poster: Phosphorus Transport Through Structured Soils. Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Federal Energy Technology Center, Department of Energy (FETC/DOE). 1998. Poster: Transport Phenomena of Single Irregularly-Shaped Solid Particles in an Electrodynamic Balance and in Heated Grid Reactor. Ocean City, MD.
  • Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI Journal), 1997. Poster: The Water Retention Value of Microwave and Enzyme Treated Pulp. Nashville, TN.
  • Student Research Opportunities Program (SROP), 1997. Poster: Increasing Methane Content of Landfill Gases. Purdue University, Purdue, IL.

Yasha Jewels

Dr. Taylor is the Founder of Yasha Jewels, a boutique company that creates distinguished wearable art that has attracted the attention of Steven Tyler, Vanessa Williams, Shep Gordon, and more. Taylor traces her trademark style—rare gemstones in surprising settings—to the experiences of her past, explaining that each step she’s made on the map has informed her creations. Utilizing hand-selected, responsibly-sourced precious and one-of-a-kind gemstones, every piece in her curated collection evokes her history. A member of the Lahaina Art Society, her jewelry has been featured at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Napua Gallery, Enchantress Boutique at The Shops at Wailea, Sargent’s Fine Art, Maui Hands, Pink by Nature, and more. An Artist in Residence at the Grand Wailea Maui, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, an Artist in Residence at Wailea Beach Resort-Marriott, Maui, and a Guest Artist Jewelry Designer at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Taylor’s work has been described by the Curator of Corporate Collections for Waldorf Astoria Michael Gilbert as “unique” and “world class.”

music for the soul

A passionate saxophonist, flutist, and vocalist, Dr. Taylor has a storied history of live performances, musical arrangements, and professional recording sessions. She was an undergraduate music minor at Clark Atlanta University and a member of the institute’s world renowned jazz orchestra—an ensemble, founded by Dizzy Gillespie, that honed her technique and cultivated her ear, heart, and soul for jazz. Through CAU’s Jazz Orchestra, Taylor toured widely throughout Europe and performed in jazz festivals that ranged from the The Hague to Montreux. She’s also played in concert with Nancy Wilson, Gladys Night, Lou Rawls, Lalo Schifrin, James Moody, and other luminaries. Visit joiesax.com for more!

Body Mind Wellness

In 2013, Dr. Taylor founded Body Mind Wellness, an organization dedicated to providing others with meditation instruction, movement classes, and hypnotherapy. Taylor has over 20 years of experience and education in Vipassana, Za Zen, Tibetan, and Osho awareness techniques—interests that led her to India in 2006, where she was trained in hypnotherapy, basic NLP, guiding meditation, Osho therapies, and dehypnosis. She’s also taught at Lumeria Maui, the Maui Yoga Shala, Maui Yoga Path, the Atlanta Wellness Center, and more, she is known for her caring approach and gentle support as she leads people towards transformation. Today she is on staff with Maui Cancer Wellness Retreats and offers private yoga and meditation sessions. 





  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • OSHO International Meditation Resort
  • OSHO Born Again Facilitator
  • Biodynamic Breath and Body
  • Body Mind Balance Therapist
  • Yoga Fundamentals I and II
  • Shakti Rise Teacher
  • Tibetan Pulsation Level I
  • Shamanic Dreamwork Interpretation


Dr. Taylor has over 30 years of dance experience as a student, teacher, professional performer, and choreographer in hip hop, ballet, modern, Capoeira, Japanese Butoh, African, and Aerial Arts. She has choreographed for Osho in Pune, and performed urban jazz, Western African dance, and Capoeira everywhere from Ghana to Greece. Certified in Guinea Dance, Taylor has belonged to several companies, including Wacheva, Osho International, Capoeira Rio Maui, Kika Inc., Iona Contemporary Dance, and the National Dance of Ghana. Most recently, Taylor co-created and co-produced “Creation: Improvisations on Latin Jazz, Aerial Arts, and Dance”—an electrifying performance that featured American Idol and Les Miserables alum Tom Lowe, internationally-acclaimed cellist Georgy Gusev, and numerous musicians, dancers, and aerial artists. Today, she offers dance workshops at Afterglow Yoga and Uplift Maui. Taylor believes moving the body moves the mind and uplifts the spirit—and that all healing begins within.

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Phone – 808.344.0195
Email – joiectaylor@gmail.com